Commit 9e420810 authored by David Faure's avatar David Faure

Port from deprecated queryExit: save settings in closeEvent

parent 3c07f6ff
......@@ -163,10 +163,10 @@ void CervisiaShell::slotNewToolbarConfig()
applyMainWindowSettings( KGlobal::config()->group( autoSaveGroup() ) );
bool CervisiaShell::queryExit()
void CervisiaShell::closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event)
return true;
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ protected slots:
void setupActions();
bool queryExit();
void closeEvent(QCloseEvent *event);
virtual void readProperties(const KConfigGroup& config);
virtual void saveProperties(KConfigGroup& config);
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