Commit a979577c authored by Christian Loose's avatar Christian Loose
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Use DCOP service to update status for UpdateView

svn path=/trunk/kdesdk/cervisia/; revision=197373
parent a6e0e06e
2003-01-04 Christian Loose <>
* Use DCOP service to update status for UpdateView
2003-01-02 Christian Loose <>
* Added new startJob() method to ProtocolView
......@@ -819,6 +819,35 @@ void CervisiaPart::updateOrStatus(bool noact, const QString &extraopt)
noact? UpdateView::UpdateNoAct : UpdateView::Update);
// TODO: cleanup when update is also handled by DCOP service
if( noact )
DCOPRef cvsJob;
QString files = joinLine(list);
DCOPReply job ="status(QString, bool)", files, opt_updateRecursive);
if( job.isValid() )
cvsJob = job;
// get command line from cvs job
QString cmdline;
DCOPReply reply ="cvsCommand()");
if( reply.isValid() )
if( protocol->startJob(cvsJob) )
connect( protocol, SIGNAL(receivedLine(QString)), update, SLOT(processUpdateLine(QString)) );
connect( protocol, SIGNAL(jobFinished(bool)), update, SLOT(finishJob(bool)) );
connect( protocol, SIGNAL(jobFinished(bool)), this, SLOT(slotJobFinished(bool)) );
QString cmdline;
if (noact)
cmdline = cvsClient(repository) + " -n update ";
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