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The manpage has been converted to docbook in its last update (around
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=head1 NAME
Cervisia - Graphical CVS frontend
S<[ B<--display> I<display> ]>
S<[ B<--caption> I<caption> ]>
S<[ B<--icon> I<icon> ]>
S<[ B<--config> I<filename> ]>
S<[ B<--nocrashhandler> ]>
S<[ B<--waitforwm> ]>
S<[ B<--style> I<style> ]>
S<[ B<--geometry> I<geometry> ]>
S<[ B<--resolve> I<filename> ]>
S<[ B<--log> I<filename> ]>
S<[ B<--annotate> I<filename> ]>
S<[ I<directory> ]>
Cervisia is a graphical user interface for the Concurrent Versions
System. It is based on the KDE libraries and therefore shares
their Look'n'Feel, configuration and help system.
=head1 OPTIONS
Cervisia accepts the following options:
=item I<directory>
Tells Cervisia to open the sandbox in I<directory> at startup
=item B<--resolve> I<filename>
Shows a resolve dialog for the given file
=item B<--log> I<filename>
Shows a log dialog for the given file
=item B<--annotate> I<filename>
Shows a annotation dialog for the given file
=item B<--caption> I<caption>
Sets the caption, i. e. what is shown in the title bar
=item B<--icon> I<icon>
Sets the program's icon (used by window managers and panels)
=item B<--config> I<filename>
Uses the given file for the configuration
=item B<--nocrashhandler>
Disables the crash handler. Use this to get core dumps
=item B<--waitforwm>
Waits for a WM_NET compatible windowmanager
=item B<--style> I<style>
Sets the application GUI style
=item B<--geometry> I<geometry>
Sets the geometry of the main window
=head1 FILES
F<_KDECONFDIR_/cervisiarc> - global configuration file
F<$HOME/.kde/share/config/cervisiarc> - user-specific configuration file
=head1 SEE ALSO
=head1 AUTHOR
Cervisia was originally developed by Bernd Gehrmann and is now maintained by
Christian Loose <>.
Report bugs at
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