Commit 25aa102c authored by Egor Gabov's avatar Egor Gabov

updated for compatibility with LLVM 10 (clazy-standalone)

In LLVM 10 llvm::StringRef operator std::string() is marked as explicit.
In this commit all implicit conversion from llvm::StringRef to
std::string are changed by explicit.
parent 29a570a0
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ void JniSignatures::checkFunctionCall(Stmt *stm)
const std::string name = clazy::name(funDecl);
const std::string name = static_cast<std::string>(clazy::name(funDecl));
if (name == "callObjectMethod" || name == "callMethod") {
checkArgAt(callExpr, 0, methodNameRegex, "Invalid method name");
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