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Remove obsolete instructions.

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......@@ -65,33 +65,8 @@ Qt can also be shipped with Linux distribution.
libraries could not be found. To make the process of finding the libraries
and installing them under Windows easier, a set of Makefiles is provided, which
allows the libraries to be build from sources. Check out
[external](external/ libraries for more details.
Under Linux one can run following commands to compile and install libmodbus
git clone git://
cd libmodbus
git checkout f9358460ee1f62bcac716ad0444b3bbe7628b204
make && sudo make install
To install libssh on a Ubuntu-based system.
sudo apt-get -y install libssh-dev
On Arch-based system.
pacman -S libssh
To install PostgreSQL client library on Ubuntu-based system.
sudo apt-get -y install libpq-dev
[external](external/ libraries for more details. Each extension may
provide individual documentation on how to build it.
Remember that Qbs caches [Probe](
items' results, so if the library is installed after the project has been
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