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    BackingFile property should be use with StorageVolume instead of StorageAccess · f136702d
    Kwon-Young Choi authored
    BUG: 434617
    When mounting an iso with `udisksctl`, first a loop device is created
    `/dev/loop0` then a second device `/dev/loop0p1` is used to mount it on
    a filesystem location.
    Querying for StorageAccess devices sometimes only returns the `/dev/loop0p1`
    device without the `/dev/loop0` device and the BackingFile property does not
    work on `/dev/loop0p1`.
    Solution: query for StorageVolume instead which returns all loop devices:
    `/dev/loop0` and `/dev/loop1`.
    Warning: Because StorageVolume returns more devices, the function
    `getDeviceFromBackingFile` could be a little bit slower.