Commit c875c046 authored by Tomasz Bojczuk's avatar Tomasz Bojczuk Committed by Emmanuel Pescosta

Don't mark untracked items as 'normal'

Also process untracked files (via git status -u) so that Dolphin can properly
display the version of a file/folder.

BUG: 352625
FIXED-IN: 15.08.2
REVIEW: 125385
parent 1195eb03
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ bool FileViewGitPlugin::beginRetrieval(const QString& directory)
// ----- find files with special status -----
process.start(QLatin1String("git status --porcelain -z --ignored"));
process.start(QLatin1String("git status --porcelain -z -u --ignored"));
while (process.waitForReadyRead()) {
char buffer[1024];
while (readUntilZeroChar(&process, buffer, sizeof(buffer)) > 0 ) {
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