Commit f8164b22 authored by Emmanuel Pescosta's avatar Emmanuel Pescosta

Revert "Fixed adding files in git repository with Dolphin git plugin"

This patch only solved a side effect of the main problem, see bug 352625.

This reverts commit 1195eb03.

CCBUG: 352625
parent c875c046
......@@ -623,7 +623,7 @@ void FileViewGitPlugin::startGitCommandProcess()
if (m_command == "add" && !item.isDir()){
arguments<< QLatin1String("-f");
arguments << item.localPath();
arguments << item.url().fileName();
m_process.start(QLatin1String("git"), arguments);
// the remaining items of m_contextItems will be executed
// after the process has finished (see slotOperationFinished())
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