Commit 12cd3c99 authored by Aurélien Gâteau's avatar Aurélien Gâteau
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Refactor lexer

parent 0cd87c1d
......@@ -21,13 +21,32 @@ class LexerError(Exception):
Token = namedtuple("Token", ["type", "value", "idx"])
TokenizerResult = namedtuple("TokenizerResult", ["token", "idx"])
class Tokenizer(object):
"""Helper class to extract tokens, based on regular expression
If the regular expression defines a match group named 'value', then the
content of this group is used as the token value. If no 'value' group is
defined, the whole match is the token value.
def __init__(self, token_type, rx):
self.token_type = token_type
self.type = token_type
self.rx = rx
self.groupindex = self.rx.groupindex.get("value", 0)
def __call__(self, lexer, matched_str):
lexer.append_token(self.token_type, matched_str)
def match(self, text, idx):
"""Try to match `text` at position `idx`
Returns a TokenizerResult on success, None otherwise
match = self.rx.match(text, idx)
if match:
token = Token(self.type,, idx)
return TokenizerResult(token, match.end(self.groupindex))
return None
class Lexer(object):
......@@ -35,12 +54,12 @@ class Lexer(object):
self.tokenizers = [
Tokenizer(COMMENT, re.compile(r"/\*.*?\*/", re.DOTALL)),
Tokenizer(COMMENT, re.compile(r"//.*$", re.MULTILINE)),
Tokenizer(STRING, re.compile(r'("([^\\"]|(\\.))*")')),
Tokenizer(STRING, re.compile(r'"([^\\"]|(\\.))*"')),
Tokenizer(BLOCK_START, re.compile("{")),
Tokenizer(BLOCK_END, re.compile("}")),
Tokenizer(IMPORT, re.compile("^import .*$", re.MULTILINE)),
Tokenizer(KEYWORD, re.compile("(default\s+property|property|readonly\s+property|signal)\s+")),
Tokenizer(KEYWORD, re.compile("(function)\s+[^(]")), # a named function
Tokenizer(KEYWORD, re.compile("(?P<value>default\s+property|property|readonly\s+property|signal)\s+")),
Tokenizer(KEYWORD, re.compile("(?P<value>function)\s+[^(]")), # a named function
Tokenizer(ELEMENT, re.compile(r"\w[\w.<>]*")),
Tokenizer(CHAR, re.compile(".")),
......@@ -67,22 +86,10 @@ class Lexer(object):
def apply_tokenizers(self):
for tokenizer in self.tokenizers:
match = tokenizer.rx.match(self.text, self.idx)
if not match:
if len(match.groups()) > 0:
self.idx = match.end(1)
self.idx = match.end(0)
result = tokenizer.match(self.text, self.idx)
if result:
self.idx = result.idx
raise LexerError("No lexer matched", self.idx)
def append_token(self, type, value):
self.tokens.append(Token(type, value, self.idx))
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