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Getting ready for 0.4.0

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# 2018.05.19 - 0.4.0
- Add support for wrapping generated C++ code in a namespace (Taylor Braun-Jones)
- Explicitly specify the encoding of the QML input files as utf-8 (Taylor Braun-Jones)
- Fix parsing of properties named "property" (Taylor Braun-Jones)
- Fix parsing of multiline text strings (Taylor Braun-Jones)
- Made parsing of pragma and imports more resilient to spaces before or after, (Sanjay Joshi, Taylor Braun-Jones, Aurelien Gateau)
- Add a script to run all tests through coverage and make Travis run it (Aurelien Gateau)
# 2016.06.20 - 0.3.0
- Port to Python 3 (Olivier Churlaud, Aurélien Gâteau)
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ from .lexer import Lexer, LexerError
from .qmlclass import QmlClass
VERSION = "0.3.0"
VERSION = "0.4.0"
DESCRIPTION = "Doxygen input filter for QML files"
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