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GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

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......@@ -220,6 +220,13 @@
<screenshot type="default">
<caption>Profiling data analysis with KCachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="ca">Anàlisi de dades del rendiment amb el KCachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="ca-valencia">Anàlisi de dades del rendiment amb el KCachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="nl">Analyse van gegevens profileren met KCachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="pt">Análise dos dados de performance com o KCachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="sv">Analys av profileringsdata med Kcachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="uk">Аналіз даних профілювання за допомогою KCachegrind</caption>
<caption xml:lang="x-test">xxProfiling data analysis with KCachegrindxx</caption>
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