Commit 37d02af0 authored by Josef Weidendorfer's avatar Josef Weidendorfer
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Fix restoring of unset EventType2

parent 672f03ce
......@@ -579,6 +579,7 @@ void InstrView::refresh()
new InstrItem(this, this, 3, tr(" --dump-instr=yes"));
new InstrItem(this, this, 4, tr("To see (conditional) jumps, additionally specify"));
new InstrItem(this, this, 5, tr(" --collect-jumps=yes"));
......@@ -174,10 +174,11 @@ void QCGTopLevel::saveTraceSettings()
delete lConfig;
ConfigGroup* pConfig = ConfigStorage::group("TracePositions");
if (_eventType)
pConfig->setValue(QString("EventType%1").arg(key), _eventType->name());
if (_eventType2)
pConfig->setValue(QString("EventType2%1").arg(key), _eventType2->name());
QString eventType, eventType2;
if (_eventType) eventType = _eventType->name();
if (_eventType2) eventType2 = _eventType2->name();
pConfig->setValue(QString("EventType%1").arg(key), eventType);
pConfig->setValue(QString("EventType2%1").arg(key), eventType2);
if (_groupType != ProfileContext::InvalidType)
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