Commit 446a8170 authored by Josef Weidendorfer's avatar Josef Weidendorfer
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Fix crash on right click in flat profile without data

Usually profile data is loaded, so this would not trigger.
parent e34e7a5b
......@@ -351,11 +351,11 @@ void FunctionSelection::addGroupMenu(QMenu* menu)
addGroupAction(m, ProfileContext::Function, tr("No Grouping"));
if (_data->objectMap().count()>1)
if (_data && _data->objectMap().count()>1)
addGroupAction(m, ProfileContext::Object);
if (_data->fileMap().count()>1)
if (_data && _data->fileMap().count()>1)
addGroupAction(m, ProfileContext::File);
if (_data->classMap().count()>1)
if (_data && _data->classMap().count()>1)
addGroupAction(m, ProfileContext::Class);
addGroupAction(m, ProfileContext::FunctionCycle);
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