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      KCachegrind: Improve drawing performance of CallGraphView with Qt 4.6.0 · a0053a14
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      Graphics items of the call graph are drawn in a simplified version in
      the birds-eye view to keep drawing performance reasonable. For this, in
      Qt 4.5.x, the <levelOfDetail> member of the QStyleOptionGraphicsItem
      class, which is given to the painting function of graphics items, can be
      used. This was obsoleted with Qt 4.6.0, and always gives 1 now, which
      resulted in the same painting in the birds-eye view as in the main view.
      The variable access is replaced by a function call now, taking the
      transformation of the painter into account.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=1022106
  4. 05 Aug, 2009 1 commit
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      KCachegrind: reduce visualization view updates by update merging · 97a6fb31
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      The TraceViewItem class, which is the base class for all
      visualization views in KCachegrind, now does update merging, ie.
      a call to updateView() now does not directly result in a call
      to doUpdate().
      This e.g. cuts down the number of refreshes for the Flat profile
      on startup of KCachegrind with a data file from 4 to 1, and also
      gets rid of a short wrong display, as well as slow flicker.
      Sometimes (e.g. when setting a new profile data model), we need
      to skip this merging either completely for one update with
      updateView(true), or for all updates of a TraceViewItem subclass
      with setMergingUpdates(false).
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=1007541
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      Rename ProfileCost to CostItem back again... · d553e7ab
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      "Profile" prefix is not really useful/needed, and we want to
      use "Cost" for the smallest cost item, which currently is "SubCost".
      Use file names costitem.{h,cpp} instead of cost.{h,cpp}
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=927206
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      Rename TraceItem to ProfileCost, TraceCost to ProfileCostArray · 170ce739
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      TraceItem really was the base class for all cost classes,
      among these contained the original TraceCost already an array
      of cost values.
      So the new class names better reflect their semantic.
      TODO: Replace class prefix "Trace" with "Profile". We do not
      handle traces, but profiles.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=917577
    • Josef Weidendorfer's avatar
      New ProfileContext class: base for cost contexts · 18197112
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      A cost context can be a assembly instruction, a source line,
      a function, a call and so on. This is the first step to
      separate contexts from costs.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=917576
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    • Josef Weidendorfer's avatar
      KCachegrind: fix for bug 161276 · 9544e229
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      For detail level "normal", we want function nodes in the graph
      to contain 2 lines of space for the symbol name, and the 3rd
      line for cost display. Up to now (and also in KDE3 times), we
      used hard coded scaling factors of the width/height numbers
      given by dot. Thus, the number of lines was dependent on
      the general KDE font *and* the default font used by dot for
      space calculation. Of course, this can be different on every
      Now we calculate the needed scaling by looking at the general
      KDE font, such that in "normal" detail level, it is guaranteed
      that 3 lines fit into function nodes. In addition, we set a
      maximal line number of the symbol space so that there is always
      a line free for cost display.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=817266
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      kcachegrind: Port context menu of call graph to QMenu/QAction (part 3) · 40f9600d
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=716972
    • Josef Weidendorfer's avatar
      kcachegrind: Port context menu of call graph to QMenu/QAction (part 2) · 461a801f
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      This fixes a bug with the "Minimum Call Cost". Previously, it was
      an absolute value as the "Minimum Node Cost". But we can not
      preserve the call/node cost ratio this way when switching to an unlimit
      node cost and back to a limited one. The result was the the call limit
      was unlimited afterwards.
      This is fixed by storing the "Minimum Call Cost" directly as ratio.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=716971
    • Josef Weidendorfer's avatar
      kcachegrind: port context menu of call graph to QMenu (part 1) · 7cc112d3
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      This convertion to QMenu/QAction also gets rid of some
      sanity checking of configuration parameters, which
      (1) was misplaced here and (2) is not needed.
      Because of the huge context menu of the call graph, this is done
      in a few steps, ie. further parts coming...
      I admit that the resulting code is probably easier to
      understand (no fiddling with menu item IDs), and no large
      switch statement any more.
      But the introduction of a lot of new QActions and new slots
      to handle triggered actions makes the code not really smaller.
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=716970
  25. 24 Sep, 2007 1 commit
    • Josef Weidendorfer's avatar
      kcachegrind: Fix automatic position of birds-eye view of call graph · c6d42520
      Josef Weidendorfer authored
      This partly was screwed up because the qt3to4 script replaced
      e.g. TopLeft of a enum in CallGraphView to "Qt::TopLeftCorner",
      which is way off.
      This also adds a further "position", namely to hide to birds-eye view.
      And finally, this gets rid of one use of Q3PopupMenu by making
      QAction's from the menu items to choose the position of the birds-eye
      svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/kcachegrind/; revision=716508
  26. 14 Sep, 2007 1 commit