Commit 0c602734 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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licensecheck: Ban FSF relicensing of code, but add permission for CC-BY-SA 2.0.

In a bygone age, the "or any later version" option for my GPL and LGPL
code made sense. It no longer makes sense. Now I will want to see any
potential successor license to GPL/LGPL before I would want to have my
KDE code relicensed.
parent c2523cf2
......@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ my %license_table = (
'michelh' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
'mjansen' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
'muhlenpfordt' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
'mpyne' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
'ndavis' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
'ngraham' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
'nicolasfella' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV', 'CCBYSA4' ],
......@@ -247,7 +248,6 @@ my %old_license_table_2 = (
'mlaurent' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'mludwig' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+' ],
'mmrozowski' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'mpyne' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'mssola' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'mturkia' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'mueller' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+' ],
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