Commit 183a80e8 authored by Alexander Trufanov's avatar Alexander Trufanov
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astyle-kdelibs script commentary update

The astyle doesn't require patching since version 2.05
parent 1e2f51fb
......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@
# - installed astyle, with patches below
# - $QT_NORMALIZE_TOOL pointing to qtrepotools/util/normalize/normalize (after compiling it)
# IMPORTANT: astyle misparses the Qt "keywords" like foreach and Q_FOREACH, which
# makes it style wrongly not just the space after the keyword, but also everything
# IMPORTANT: use astyle 2.05 or later. Patch astyle if you use older version.
# Older versions of astyle misparse the Qt "keywords" like foreach and Q_FOREACH, which
# inside the parenthesis, leading to things like:
# Q_FOREACH(const QString & it, l) // note the space after the '&'.
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