Commit 54f96de8 authored by Andreas Cord-Landwehr's avatar Andreas Cord-Landwehr
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Add comment about additional LGPL-2.0 to LGPL-2.1 grant by waba

Consent was stated in private mail. The conversation is stored in the
sysadmin internal long term archive for relicense approvals.
parent 8b1162aa
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ my %old_license_table_2 = (
'vkrause' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'vonreth' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'vrusu' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'waba' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', '+eV' ],
'waba' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', '+eV' ], # NOTE: explicit consent given for relicensing LGPL-2.0-only to LGPL-2.1-only in addition to the stated grants
'wheeler' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+' ],
'whiting' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
'willy' => ['gplv23', 'lgplv23', 'gplv2+', 'lgplv2+', '+eV' ],
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