Commit 76d1b0af authored by Akarsh Simha's avatar Akarsh Simha
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Simplify code using (beginning-of-defun) from c-mode

parent e1e5481e
......@@ -368,16 +368,13 @@ This function does not do any hidden buffer changes."
;; returns the tag in the same file, not in the header file.So
;; we hack this by going to the function definition and then using
;; (semantic-idle-summary-current-symbol-info-context) etc.
(let* ((tag (or (semantic-stickyfunc-tag-to-stick)
(error "No known tag at point")))
(pos (or (semantic-tag-start tag)
(error "Tag definition not found")))
(destpos nil)
(let* ((destpos nil)
(desttag nil)
(file nil))
(goto-char pos)
(end-of-line) ; This ensures that being at the beginning of the line does not take us to the previous function's declaration
(re-search-forward "(")
(forward-char -1)
(re-search-backward "\\S-")
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