Commit a9cfee5c authored by Dirk Mueller's avatar Dirk Mueller
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fix another ugly case of sticky tag checking (backport revision 1.18)

svn path=/branches/KDE_3_1_BRANCH/kdesdk/scripts/; revision=236450
parent 5eb5c6c9
......@@ -264,8 +264,12 @@ sub processEntries
next if ($dirunknown{$entry} == 0);
# ignore unusual files
next if (-l "$dir/$entry" );
# ifnore if its a directory in CVS
next if (-d "$dir/$entry" and -d "$dir/$entry/CVS");
# its a CVS directory ? might be a different module
if (-d "$dir/$entry" and -d "$dir/$entry/CVS") {
$defaulttag{"$dir/$entry"} = $standardtag;
push ( @dirqueue, "$dir/$entry" );
push @unknown, "$dir/$entry";
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