Commit 4e8c366a authored by David Narváez's avatar David Narváez

Script to Convert from Portage to Craft

This script takes a list of applications, finds their ebuilds in
Gentoo's Portage tree and creates Craft recipes based on the
dependency info of the ebuild.
parent 1a3c5134
import sys
import re
import os
import subprocess
import argparse
import portage.dep as portage_dep
template = """import info
class subinfo(info.infoclass):
def setTargets(self):
self.description = "%(appname)s"
def setDependencies(self):
self.runtimeDependencies["virtual/base"] = "default"
from Package.CMakePackageBase import *
class Package(CMakePackageBase):
def __init__(self):
def process(app, appname, portage, craft, indent):
print("%sProcessing %s" % (indent, app))
ebuild = "%s-17.08.1.ebuild" % app
qtdeps = []
frameworksdeps = []
kdeappsdeps = []
otherdeps = []
qtre = re.compile("\$\(add_qt_dep ([^)]+)\)")
frameworksre = re.compile("\$\(add_frameworks_dep ([^)]+)\)")
kdeappsre = re.compile("\$\(add_kdeapps_dep ([^)]+)\)")
optionalre = re.compile("^[^\?]+\?")
with open(os.path.join(portage, app, ebuild), 'r') as ebuildfile:
allfile =
dependencies ="DEPEND=\"[^\"]*\"", allfile)
if dependencies:
deplines ="\n")
del deplines[0] # The first one is always spurious
del deplines[-1] # The last one is always spurious
for d in deplines:
depline = d.strip()
qtmatch = qtre.match(depline)
frameworksmatch = frameworksre.match(depline)
kdeappsmatch = kdeappsre.match(depline)
if qtmatch:
elif frameworksmatch:
elif kdeappsmatch:
appname =
with subprocess.Popen(["find", os.path.join(craft, "kde", "applications"), "-name", appname], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as find:
craftdep ="utf-8").strip()
if len(craftdep) == 0:
if not process(appname, appname, portage, craft, "%s\t" % indent):
print("%sCould not add application %s, skipping" % (indent, appname))
return False
elif optionalre.match(depline):
print("%sOptional dep %s" % (indent, depline))
if portage_dep.isvalidatom(depline):
packagename = portage_dep.dep_getkey(depline).split("/")[1]
# TODO be smart about these types of mappings
if packagename == "eigen":
packagename = "eigen3"
with subprocess.Popen(["find", craft, "-name", packagename], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as find:
craftdep ="utf-8").strip()
if len(craftdep) > 0:
print("%sDependency %s not found, skipping" % (indent, packagename))
return False
print("%sGarbage: %s" % (indent,depline))
fixedframeworks = []
for f in frameworksdeps:
with subprocess.Popen(["find", craft, "-name", f], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) as find:
qtdepsstr = "\n".join([" self.runtimeDependencies[\"libs/qt5/%s\"] = \"default\"" % q for q in qtdeps])
frameworksdepsstr = "\n".join([" self.runtimeDependencies[\"%s\"] = \"default\"" % f for f in fixedframeworks])
kdeappsdepsstr = "\n".join([" self.runtimeDependencies[\"kde/applications/%s\"] = \"default\"" % k for k in kdeappsdeps])
otherdepsstr = "\n".join([" self.runtimeDependencies[\"%s\"] = \"default\"" % o for o in otherdeps])
recipe = template % { "appname" : appname, "qtdeps" : qtdepsstr, "frameworksdeps" : frameworksdepsstr, "otherdeps" : otherdepsstr }
outdir = os.path.join(craft, "kde", "applications", app)
with open(os.path.join(outdir, "" % app), 'w') as out:
return True
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Translate from portage ebuilds to craft recipes")
parser.add_argument("applist", help="List of applications to translate. Each line in this file is of the form <ebuild name> <application name>", type=argparse.FileType('r'))
parser.add_argument("craft", help="Location of the craft root")
parser.add_argument("--portage", help="Location of the portage ebuilds for KDE (defaults to /usr/portage/kde-apps)", default="/usr/portage/kde-apps")
options = parser.parse_args()
for l in options.applist:
app, appname = tuple(l.strip().split(" "))
craft_dir = os.path.join(options.craft, "kde/applications/%s" % app)
portage_dir = os.path.join(options.portage, app)
if os.path.exists(craft_dir):
print("%s exists in craft, skipping" % app)
if not os.path.exists(portage_dir):
print("%s does not exist in portage, skipping" % app)
process(app, appname, options.portage, options.craft, "")
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