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Commit 0d3c435e authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

Don't break double-quoted strings in cmake-options when constructing the command line for running

cmake.  This allows users to add options with embedded spaces.

Only double-quoting is supported, without backslash-escaping inside the double quotes.

Patch provided by Alain Boyer (bug reporter), thanks!


svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build; revision=867894
parent 3a6fee56
......@@ -829,6 +829,32 @@ sub get_output_file
return $fname;
# This subroutine acts like split(' ', $_) except that double-quoted strings are not split in
# the process. Patch provided by Alain Boyer ( based on a posting at
# Converted to an extended RE for readability by
# mpyne.
# First parameter: String to split on whitespace.
# Return value: A list of the individual words and quoted values in the string.
sub split_quoted_on_whitespace($)
my $str = shift;
my @words = $str =~
/"? # Match 0-1 quotes
( # Open grouping expression
(?<!") # Match everything not following " (i.e. there was no quote)
\S+ # Followed by 1 or more non-whitespace (this breaks on whitespace)
(?<!") # Match everything not following " (don't read over a quote on accident)
| # or
[^"]+ # All non-quote characters (After reading a quote)
) # End grouping expression
"? # Followed by 0-1 quotes
\s* # Eat up whitespace
/xg; # g modifier repeats the match as often as possible to get all matches.
return @words;
# Subroutine that returns the path of a file used to output the log messages
# All files will be stored in the log directory.
......@@ -4560,10 +4586,10 @@ sub safe_run_cmake
my $module = shift;
my $srcdir = get_fullpath($module, 'source');
my @commands = split (/\s+/, get_option($module, 'cmake-options'));
my @commands = split_quoted_on_whitespace (get_option($module, 'cmake-options'));
# grep out empty fields
@commands = grep {!/^$/} @commands;
@commands = grep {!/^\s*$/} @commands;
# Add -DBUILD_foo=OFF options for the directories in do-not-compile.
# This will only work if the CMakeLists.txt file uses macro_optional_add_subdirectory()
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