Commit 84447b1d authored by Valery Yundin's avatar Valery Yundin Committed by Michael Pyne
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Support defaulting to stable branches from proj.k.o.

Valery Yundin has kindly submitted a patch (including documentation!)
resurrecting the old "use-stable-kde" option to allow for defaulting
kde-projects modules to the stable branch (if defined for that module).

This should track with changes to the stable branch as defined, so it
would be a good way to track the "not quite bleeding-edge" of

A hearty thanks to Valery for making up a patch and then adapting it to
make use of the old use-stable-kde option.

parent c2266bb8
......@@ -384,6 +384,19 @@ The default settings should actually already be appropriate to perform a
&kde; build. Some settings that you may wish to alter include:
<listitem><para><link linkend="conf-use-stable-kde">use-stable-kde</link> to
change the default version of &kde; modules to build. By default &kdesrc-build;
will build the trunk version of &kde;. If you want to build
the latest stable release of &kde; instead of using your distribution packages
you would set this option to <replaceable>true</replaceable>.
<tip><para>Note that this option relies on information available from the
&kde; project database, so this feature only works for these modules.
See also <xref linkend="kde-projects-module-sets"/>.
<listitem><para><link linkend="conf-kdedir">kdedir</link>, which changes the
destination directory that &kde; is installed to. This defaults to
<filename class="directory">~/kde</filename>, which is a single-user installation.</para></listitem>
......@@ -2154,13 +2167,26 @@ system.
<row id="conf-use-stable-kde">
This option was removed in version 1.10, which limits support to KDE 4,
removing the effect of this option.
<entry>Can't be overridden</entry>
<entry><para>By default, &kdesrc-build; will build the main line of &kde;
development (trunk or master branch). You can use the &branch; option globally
or for a module in order to switch to a stable release. However, this is not
convenient as a lot of branch options would have to be added to the
configuration file and kept up to date when the next stable version is
<para>So, if you set this option to <replaceable>true</replaceable>,
&kdesrc-build; will (for a given module) automatically download the version of
that module which is marked as stable in kde_projects.xml.</para>
<para>This option can only be set globally, but you can still use the &branch;
or &tag; options for a module to override this option.
This way you can easily choose to download current stable &kde; version by default
while still choosing the current development version of specific modules.
......@@ -1339,25 +1339,34 @@ EOF
'name' => $nameStack[-1],
'active' => 'false',
'tarball' => '',
'branch:stable' => '',
}; # Repo/Active/tarball to be added by char handler.
# Currently we only pull data while under a <repo> tag, so bail early if
# we're not doing this to simplify later logic.
return unless $inRepo;
# Character data is integrated by the char handler. To avoid having it
# dump all willy-nilly into our dict, we leave a flag for what the
# resultant key should be.
if ($element eq 'active' && $inRepo) {
if ($element eq 'active') {
$curRepository->{'needs'} = 'active';
# Unset our default value since one is present in the XML
$curRepository->{'active'} = '';
if ($element eq 'url' && $inRepo && $attrs{'protocol'} eq 'git') {
$curRepository->{'needs'} = 'repo';
# For git repos we want to retain the repository data and any snapshot
# tarballs available.
elsif ($element eq 'url' && $attrs{'protocol'} eq 'git') {
$curRepository->{'needs'} =
# this proto | needs this attr set
$attrs{'protocol'} eq 'git' ? 'repo' :
$attrs{'protocol'} eq 'tarball' ? 'tarball' : undef;
if ($element eq 'url' && $inRepo && $attrs{'protocol'} eq 'tarball') {
$curRepository->{'needs'} = 'tarball';
# i18n data gives us the defined stable and trunk branches.
elsif ($element eq 'branch' && $attrs{'i18n'} && $attrs{'i18n'} eq 'stable') {
$curRepository->{'needs'} = 'branch:stable';
......@@ -1537,6 +1546,8 @@ EOF
"tag" => "",
"use-clean-install" => 0,
"use-idle-io-priority" => 0,
# Controls whether to build "stable" branches instead of "master"
"use-stable-kde" => 0,
# }}} 1
......@@ -5248,7 +5259,14 @@ sub get_git_branch
my $module = assert_isa(shift, 'Module');
my $branch = $module->getOption('branch');
$branch = 'master' unless $branch;
if (!$branch && $module->getOption('use-stable-kde')) {
my $stable = $module->getOption('#branch:stable');
if ($stable && $stable ne 'none') {
$branch = $stable;
$branch ||= 'master'; # If no branch, use 'master'
return $branch;
......@@ -5688,7 +5706,7 @@ sub git_update_module
note ("Updating g[$module]");
note ("Updating g[$module] (to branch b[$branch])");
my $start_commit = git_commit_id($module);
# Search for an existing remote name first. If none, add our alias.
......@@ -6553,6 +6571,7 @@ sub expandXMLModules
$_->setOption('repository', $repo);
$_->setOption('#xml-full-path', $result->{'fullName'});
$_->setOption('#branch:stable', $result->{'branch:stable'});
my $tarball = $result->{'tarball'};
$_->setOption('#snapshot-tarball', $tarball) if $tarball;
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