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Commit 85f4d588 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

Fix l10n build by reinstating the builddir hack (which was removed unintentionally)

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build; revision=844530
parent 34ea4ffa
......@@ -2977,8 +2977,6 @@ EOM
# srcdir != builddir. If this function returns true kdesvn-build will use a
# few hacks to simulate it, and will update e.g. configure paths appropriately
# as well.
# Only run for non-CMake modules.
sub module_needs_builddir_help
my $module = shift;
......@@ -2987,6 +2985,9 @@ sub module_needs_builddir_help
# l10n/lang needs help.
return 1 if ($module =~ /^l10n-kde[34]\/?/);
# Other CMake-using modules are fine.
return 0 if module_uses_cmake($module);
return list_has(@module_help_list, $module);
......@@ -5149,9 +5150,8 @@ sub setup_build_system
# Symlink source directory to build directory if module doesn't support
# srcdir != builddir. If it's qt-copy only do so if it is Qt 3.
# Note that module_needs_builddir_help() already takes care of that test.
if (not $uses_cmake and module_needs_builddir_help($module))
# srcdir != builddir.
if (module_needs_builddir_help($module))
whisper "\tFaking builddir for g[$module]";
if (not prepare_fake_builddir($module))
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