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Update kdesvn-build documentation to account for option changes

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......@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@
<para>&kdesvn-build; is a script which builds and installs &kde; directly from the sources found in the &kde; &subversion; repository.</para>
......@@ -631,12 +631,6 @@ to your &kdesvn-build; &kde;.</para>
For developers: Supports <link linkend="building-apidox">building the API
documentation</link> for a module. Note that this only works for &kde; 3
modules when not using the &unsermake; script.
Supports <link linkend="changing-verbosity">output message levels</link>
ranging from being very quiet to a full debug level.
......@@ -982,7 +976,6 @@ authors using the address you can find <link linkend="authors">above</link>.
<listitem><para><link linkend="conf-apidox">apidox</link>, to build API Documentation.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para><link linkend="conf-apply-qt-patches">apply-qt-patches</link>, to enhance qt-copy.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para><link linkend="conf-async">async</link>, to update and build at the same time.</para></listitem>
<listitem><para><link linkend="conf-binpath">binpath</link>, to set the <envar>PATH</envar> variable.</para></listitem>
......@@ -1040,17 +1033,13 @@ as well.
<row id="conf-apidox">
<entry>Overrides global</entry>
Set this option to <replaceable>true</replaceable> in order to have &kdesvn-build; automatically
build and install the API documentation for the module after the normal build/install
process. This only works for modules where <command>make apidox</command> does something,
including kdelibs, kdebase and koffice, among others.
<para>This option does not work for modules using &unsermake; support, due to
deficiencies in the &unsermake; build system. This option does not work for
&kde; 4 modules because the required build system support has been migrated to
a different program which &kdesvn-build; has not been corrected to use yet.
<entry><para>This option was used to allow for building KDE module API documentation.
It was removed in &kdesvn-build; 1.6.3 due to it not being supported in KDE 4. Online
API documentation is available from <ulink url=""></ulink>.
In addition it is possible to build KDE 4's API documentation using a script included in
the kdesdk module (/scripts directory). See <ulink url="">KDE
TechBase</ulink> for more details. It is still possible to manually build API documentation
for older modules of course.</para>
......@@ -1159,7 +1148,7 @@ for all &kde; 4 modules, since they use &cmake; to build.</para>
<para>Since these options are passed directly to the &cmake; command line, they
should be given as they would be typed into &cmake;. For example:</para>
<screen> cmake-options -DRPATH_STYLE=default
<screen> cmake-options -DKDE4_BUILD_TESTS=ON
<para>Since this is a hassle, &kdesvn-build; takes pains to ensure that as long
......@@ -1232,18 +1221,18 @@ disable this check by setting <option>disable-agent-check</option> to <replaceab
<row id="conf-do-not-compile">
<entry>Overrides global</entry>
<entry><para>Use this option to set the <envar>DO_NOT_COMPILE</envar> environment variable prior to
running the configure script. According to the <ulink
Developer FAQ</ulink>, this should cause any top-level directory you pass to not be
built. The directories should be space-separated.</para>
<entry><para>Use this option to select a specific set of directories to be built in a
module (instead of all of them). The directories to build should be space-separated.</para>
<para>This feature is supported for both &kde; 3 and &kde; 4. KDE 4 support was added in
&kdesvn-build; 1.6.3.</para>
<para>Note that the sources to the programs will still be downloaded. You can use
the <link linkend="conf-checkout-only">checkout-only</link>
directive to choose directories that you want to check out.</para>
<important><para>This option does not yet work with modules built using
<para>For example, to hold &juk; and &kscd; in the kdemultimedia module from
compiling, you would add "do-not-compile juk kscd" to your kdemultimedia settings.</para>
......@@ -2682,54 +2671,6 @@ syntax is similar: --<replaceable>module</replaceable>,<replaceable>option-name<
<sect1 id="developer-features">
<title>Features for &kde; developers</title>
<sect2 id="building-apidox">
<title>Building API Documentation</title>
<para>&kdesvn-build; can automatically install additional documentation
generated from the sources in a module. This only works on some modules,
and is only useful for &kde; developers.</para>
<para>This feature does not work for modules built using the <link linkend="using-unsermake">&unsermake;</link>
build system. Since this is the default build system for modules that can
use &unsermake;, you would need to disable &unsermake; support. See <link
linkend="example-apidox">example below</link> for more information.
<para>To enable this, simply set the &apidox; option to <replaceable>true</replaceable> in the <link linkend="configure-data">configuration file</link>,
for the module that you would like documentation for. Not all modules have
documentation. Modules that do include kdelibs, kdebase and kdepim.
<para>If you have access to the Internet, the API documentation for &kde; is
also available online. In &konqueror;, you can use the shortcut <quote>kde:<replaceable>className</replaceable></quote>.
<para>You can also visit the &kde; documentation web site at <ulink
url="">English Breakfast Network</ulink>.
<para>Finally, it is possible to download the documentation in an archived
form, from <ulink url="">The &kde; Developer's Corner</ulink>.
Click on the &kde; version you want documented, and then you can download
an offline copy for the module you want.
<informalexample id="example-apidox">
<para>Installing API Documentation for kdelibs:</para>
module kdelibs
use-unsermake false # unsermake cannot build apidox
apidox true # build and install apidox
end module
<sect2 id="ssh-agent-reminder">
<title>&ssh; Agent checks</title>
<para>&kdesvn-build; can ensure that &kde; developers that use &ssh; to
......@@ -2965,30 +2906,27 @@ beat out several competitors and was selected to be the build system for &kde; 4
autotools-based system that &kde; has used from the beginning.</para>
<para>A introduction to &cmake; page is available on the <ulink
url="">&kde; Wiki</ulink>.
url="">&kde; TechBase</ulink>.
Basically, instead of running <userinput><command>make</command> <option>-f</option>
<filename>Makefile.cvs</filename></userinput>, then <command>configure</command>,
then &unsermake; (or &make;), we simply run &cmake; and then &make;.
<para>&kdesvn-build; has initial support for &cmake;. A few features of &kdesvn-build;
<para>&kdesvn-build; has support for &cmake;. A few features of &kdesvn-build;
were really features of the underlying buildsystem, including <link linkend="conf-inst-apps">inst-apps</link>,
<link linkend="conf-configure-flags">configure-flags</link>,
and <link linkend="conf-do-not-compile">do-not-compile</link>. When equivalent
features are available, they are provided. For instance, the equivalent to the
configure-flags option is <link linkend="conf-cmake-options">cmake-options</link>.
configure-flags option is <link linkend="conf-cmake-options">cmake-options</link>, and the
<link linkend="conf-do-not-compile">do-not-compile</link> option is also supported for &cmake;
as of &kdesvn-build; version 1.6.3.
<para>However, some options, like inst-apps or do-not-compile, have no direct
<para>However, some options (like <link linkend="conf-inst-apps">inst-apps</link>) have no direct
equivalent, and are disabled. Should I find a way to implement them with &cmake;
I will do so and re-enable the option. However, more or less everything works
the same.</para>
<para>Not all of &kde; has been ported to use &cmake; at this point. For example,
the <link linkend="conf-apidox">apidox</link> option is rather useless until the
equivalent infrastructure is ready. I have tried to warn about such things but
not all deficiencies may be caught by &kdesvn-build; for now.</para>
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