Commit 8d3ff3eb authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

Don't write out persistent options in pretend mode.

Also, store a hash of the values passed to ./configure or cmake so that kdesvn-build can decide
later if it is necessary to re-run configure or cmake. (Not implemented yet)

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build; revision=842806
parent 903780a2
......@@ -3252,6 +3252,8 @@ sub get_persistent_option
# The directory used is the same directory that contains the rc file in use.
sub write_persistent_options
return if pretending;
my $dir = dirname($rcfile);
my $fh = IO::File->new("> $dir/.kdesvn-build-data");
......@@ -4412,6 +4414,22 @@ sub safe_apply_patches
return (log_command('qt-copy', 'apply-patches', [ "./apply_patches" ]));
# Returns a hash digest of the given options in the list. The return value is
# base64-encoded at this time.
# Note: Don't be dumb and pass data that depends on execution state as the
# returned hash is almost certainly not useful for whatever you're doing with
# it. (i.e. passing a reference to a list is not helpful, pass the list itself)
# Parameters: List of scalar values to hash.
# Return value: base64-encoded hash value.
sub get_list_digest
use Digest::MD5 "md5_base64"; # Included standard with Perl 5.8
return md5_base64(@_);
# Subroutine to run and log the configure command. First parameter is the
# path to the configure script to run, the second parameter is a scalar
# containing all of the configure flags to apply
......@@ -4503,6 +4521,7 @@ EOF
info "\tRunning g[configure]...";
unshift @commands, $script;
set_persistent_option($module, 'last-configure-flags', get_list_digest(@commands));
return log_command($module, "configure", \@commands);
......@@ -4556,6 +4575,7 @@ sub safe_run_cmake
safe_unlink "$srcdir/CMakeCache.txt" if -e "$srcdir/CMakeCache.txt";
safe_unlink "$builddir/CMakeCache.txt" if -e "$builddir/CMakeCache.txt";
set_persistent_option($module, 'last-cmake-options', get_list_digest(@commands));
return log_command($module, "cmake", \@commands);
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