Commit 8f78e23e authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

Make no-rc-file default build create Phonon as performed in the sample rc file

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdesdk/scripts/kdesvn-build; revision=826971
parent e7cc60f1
......@@ -2707,9 +2707,14 @@ HOME
# This subroutine assigns the appropriate options to %package_opts and the
# update and build lists to build a default set of modules.
# Note: Call this and you stand the risk of losing the options you're already
# set, do this only if you need to setup options for the entire list of
# default modules.
sub setup_default_modules()
@update_list = qw(qt-copy kdesupport kdelibs kdepimlibs kdebase kdeartwork
# kdesupport must come before other KDE modules.
@update_list = qw(qt-copy kdesupport phonon kdelibs kdepimlibs kdebase kdeartwork
kdemultimedia kdepim kdeutils kdegraphics kdegames
kdetoys kdeedu kdenetwork kdeutils);
......@@ -2727,12 +2732,15 @@ sub setup_default_modules()
# Setup default options for qt-copy
$package_opts{'qt-copy'} = {
'configure-flags' => '-qt-gif -qdbus -nomake demos -nomake examples -no-exceptions -fast',
'configure-flags' => '-qt-gif -no-phonon -qdbus -nomake demos -nomake examples -no-exceptions -fast',
'apply-qt-patches' => 1,
'branch' => default_module_branch('qt-copy'),
'set-env' => { },
'make-options' => get_option('global', 'make-options'),
# kdesupport needs to be told to avoid phonon.
set_option('kdesupport', 'cmake-options', '-DBUILD_WITH_phonon=OFF');
# Reads in the options from the config file and adds them to the option store.
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