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git: Automatically reapply stashed changes if possible.

In the event that the stash does not apply a "post-build" message is
issued to warn the user. Otherwise there is an in-situ message.

This addresses user feedback I have received on Invent and IRC. In
particular re-fixes #42 and bug 420933, and fixes #49.

All that I do here is to use the existing logic and add "git stash pop"
after the update phase has completed. I've previously tried --autostash
(see !32 and !45) and that had issues of its own. Using this approach
allows us to use rely on git directly without risk of missing a merge
conflict that git sometimes seems to generate with `git pull
--autostash` (see
!32 (comment 46926)).

The merge request !61 may still be applicable. I haven't looked long
enough to tell if there's more on it than the --autostash feature which
still causes us problems...  it's possible that there's a more reliable
method than what we're doing though we've already taken pains to
simplify this routine because of the recurring stash failures that we've
seen previously.

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