Commit d51b7533 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

GIT_SILENT: Update roadmap.

parent dcf5afa9
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ fallback kdesrc-buildrc as well when offering options.
possible for the environment variables needed to _run_ the installed KDE
software be automatically setup by kdesrc-build, either by generating the
appropriate rc files or by using kdesrc-build as a trampoline (e.g.
kdesrc-build --launch startkde)
kdesrc-build --launch startkde). DONE (2012-11-21, see xsession: commits)
6. Test suite. Should be self-explanatory but the test suite can be far better
than it is now. Probably should go Perl-style and split the large
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