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SVN_SILENT Tag kdesvn-build 1.5

svn path=/tags/kdesvn-build/1.5/; revision=727892
parents 75ad5fe6 9bcc1cb5
########### install files ###############
kde4_create_handbook(index.docbook INSTALL_DESTINATION ${HTML_INSTALL_DIR}/en)
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......@@ -272,7 +272,7 @@ use constant {
ERROR => 5,
my $versionNum = '1.4.1';
my $versionNum = '1.5';
# Some global variables
# Remember kids, global variables are evil! I only get to do this
......@@ -2660,12 +2660,6 @@ sub module_needs_builddir_help
my $module = shift;
my @module_help_list = qw/kdebindings valgrind/;
# qt-copy special case to support the lndir() hack for Qt 3.
if ($module eq 'qt-copy' and is_qt_copy_qt3())
return 1;
# l10n/lang needs help.
return 1 if ($module =~ /^l10n-kde[34]\/?/);
......@@ -3859,58 +3853,48 @@ sub safe_configure
setenv ('CXXFLAGS', $cxxflags);
setenv ('DO_NOT_COMPILE', get_option ($module, 'do-not-compile'));
if ($module ne 'qt-copy' or not is_qt_copy_qt3())
if ($module ne 'qt-copy')
# If we're in this path and module is qt-copy, it is at least qt-copy 4.
my $prefix = get_option ($module, 'prefix');
# Don't allow prefix option to override qtdir setting for safety.
$prefix = get_option($module, 'qtdir') if $module eq 'qt-copy';
# If still no prefix, use KDEDIR
$prefix = get_option($module, 'kdedir') unless $prefix;
if ($module ne 'qt-copy')
push @commands, "CXXFLAGS=$cxxflags" if $cxxflags;
push @commands, "--prefix=$prefix";
else # Qt 4.
# Some users have added -prefix manually to their flags, they
# probably shouldn't anymore. :)
push @commands, "CXXFLAGS=$cxxflags" if $cxxflags;
push @commands, "--prefix=$prefix";
else # qt-copy
my $prefix = get_option($module, 'qtdir');
if (scalar grep /^-prefix(=.*)?$/, @commands)
warning <<EOF;
# Some users have added -prefix manually to their flags, they
# probably shouldn't anymore. :)
if (scalar grep /^-prefix(=.*)?$/, @commands)
warning <<EOF;
b[y[*] You have the y[-prefix] option selected in your qt-copy configure flags.
b[y[*] kdesvn-build will correctly add the -prefix option to match your Qt
b[y[*] directory setting, so you do not need to use -prefix yourself.
push @commands, "-prefix", $prefix;
# We're special casing these modules because we're using the lndir
# hack for them.
if (module_needs_builddir_help($module))
$script = get_fullpath($module, 'build') . "/configure";
push @commands, "-prefix", $prefix;
# We're special casing these modules because we're using the lndir
# hack for them.
if (module_needs_builddir_help($module))
$script = get_fullpath($module, 'build') . "/configure";
# Create specialized configure script for qt-copy.
if ($module eq 'qt-copy')
# Qt 3.
my $qtdir = get_fullpath('qt-copy', 'build');
# Qt 4+.
$qtdir = get_fullpath('qt-copy', 'source') unless is_qt_copy_qt3();
my $qtdir = get_fullpath('qt-copy', 'source');
debug "Creating g[$qtdir/] from g[$script]";
......@@ -4866,21 +4850,6 @@ sub build_module
# This warning doesn't apply to Qt 4.
if($module eq 'qt-copy' and $builddir ne get_option('global', 'qtdir')
and is_qt_copy_qt3())
my $qtpath = $builddir;
$qtpath =~ s/$ENV{HOME}/~/;
warning <<EOF;
b[y[!!] You're building qt-copy, but QTDIR isn't set to use qt-copy!
b[y[!!] Please set your qtdir variable in the global section of your
b[y[!!] $rcfile to g[$qtpath]
my $start_time = time;
while (not defined $package_opts{$module}->{'#was-rebuilt'})
......@@ -5249,11 +5218,11 @@ EOF
# Check if qt-copy 4 requires make install.
# This returns true unless the QTDIR is the same as the Qt 4 srcdir.
sub qt_copy_qt4_needs_make_install
sub qt_copy_needs_installed
my $qtsource = get_fullpath('qt-copy', 'source');
my $builddir = get_fullpath('qt-copy', 'build');
my $prefix = get_option('global', 'qtdir');
return 0 if $qtsource eq $prefix;
return 0 if $builddir eq $prefix;
return 1;
......@@ -5271,8 +5240,7 @@ sub handle_install
check_for_module_config ($module);
if (list_has(@no_install_modules, $module) or
($module eq 'qt-copy' and is_qt_copy_qt3()) or
($module eq 'qt-copy' and !qt_copy_qt4_needs_make_install())
($module eq 'qt-copy' and !qt_copy_needs_installed())
info "\tg[$module] doesn't need to be installed.";
This diff is collapsed.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE language SYSTEM "language.dtd">
<!-- This goes into $KDEDIR/share/apps/katepart/syntax, or
it can go to $KDEHOME/share/apps/katepart/syntax
<language name="kdesvn-buildrc" version="0.2" kateversion="2.4" section="Configuration" extensions=".kdesvn-buildrc;kdesvn-buildrc" author="Michael Pyne &lt;;" license="LGPL">
<list name="bools">
<item>self</item> <!-- Only used by use-unsermake, don't feel like
forking a separate context for it though. -->
<list name="setEnvOptions">
<item>set-env</item> <!-- Handled separately for special syntax highlighting. -->
<!-- These options should only have a boolean value passed to them. -->
<list name="boolOptions">
<list name="options">
<context name="Module" attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay">
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" String="#.*$" context="#stay"/>
<RegExpr attribute="Global Declaration" context="Module Options" String="global" beginRegion="Global Options" firstNonSpace="true" />
<RegExpr attribute="Module Declaration" context="Module Decl" String="module\s+" firstNonSpace="true" />
<context name="Module Decl" attribute="Module Name" lineEndContext="Module Options">
<RegExpr String="[a-zA-Z0-9-]*" context="#stay" beginRegion="Module Options"/>
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" String="#.*$" context="#stay"/>
<context name="Module Options" attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#stay">
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" String="#.*$" context="#stay"/>
<keyword attribute="Option Name" context="Environment Name" String="setEnvOptions" />
<keyword attribute="Option Name" context="Option Value" String="options"/>
<keyword attribute="Option Name" context="Bool Option Value" String="boolOptions"/>
<RegExpr attribute="Module Declaration" context="Module" endRegion="Module Options" String="end module" firstNonSpace="true"/>
<RegExpr attribute="Module Declaration" context="Module" endRegion="Global Options" String="end global" firstNonSpace="true"/>
<!-- No kdesvn-build options start with digits or a dash. -->
<RegExpr attribute="Possible Error" context="Option Value" String="[0-9-][a-zA-Z0-9-]+" />
<RegExpr attribute="Unknown Option Name" context="Option Value" String="[a-zA-Z0-9-]+" />
<context name="Option Value" attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#pop">
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" String="#.*$" />
<RegExpr attribute="Variable" String="\$\{[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\}"/>
<RegExpr attribute="Option Value" String="[a-zA-Z:0-9,./+!=@-]*" context="#stay" />
<LineContinue context="#stay"/>
<AnyChar attribute="Option Value" String="\\"/>
<context name="Bool Option Value" attribute="Normal Text" lineEndContext="#pop">
<keyword attribute="Option Value" context="#stay" String="bools"/>
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" String="#.*$" />
<RegExpr attribute="Possible Error" String="[^\\]*"/>
<LineContinue attribute="Possible Error" context="#stay"/>
<AnyChar attribute="Possible Error" String="\\"/>
<context name="Environment Name" attribute="Environment Variable Name" lineEndContext="#pop">
<RegExpr attribute="Comment" String="#.*$" />
<RegExpr attribute="Environment Variable Name" context="Option Value" String="[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+" />
<itemData name="Normal Text" defStyleNum="dsNormal" />
<itemData name="Comment" defStyleNum="dsComment"/>
<itemData name="Boolean" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" bold="true" color="purple"/>
<itemData name="Option Name" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" bold="false" />
<itemData name="Unknown Option Name" defStyleNum="dsKeyword" bold="false" color="#7D4C0B" />
<itemData name="Environment Variable Name" defStyleNum="dsString" color="#EE6A50" />
<itemData name="Option Value" defStyleNum="dsDecVal" />
<itemData name="Variable" defStyleNum="dsOthers" />
<itemData name="Module Declaration" defStyleNum="dsKeyword"/>
<itemData name="Module Name" defStyleNum="dsOthers" bold="true" />
<itemData name="Global Declaration" defStyleNum="dsKeyword"/>
<itemData name="Possible Error" defStyleNum="dsError" />
<comment name="singleLine" start="#"/>
<keywords weakDeliminator="-"/>
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