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      module: Move phase init into Module to ensure consistency in effect. · 13720f7e
      Michael Pyne authored
      Although the test suite now passes, manually running kdesrc-build -p
      on my local install was showing that some modules were still being
      pulled into the test phase when run-tests was disabled.
      Poking into that showed that this is mostly because I had re-introduced
      some alternate ways of managing Module lifetime and phase setup despite
      trying to centralize this into ModuleResolver.
      So move the phase init code into ksb::Module where it belongs, and
      ensure that the phase init is actually run through all the paths where a
      ksb::Module can be created, once the options have been loaded.
      Modules derived from ksb::ModuleSet are already handled with
      ksb::ModuleSet::_initializeNewModule. The only other spot to create a
      bare ksb::Module is in the rc-file reading code, so a call was added
      there. Finally, ksb::BuildContext is itself a pseudo ksb::Module, but we
      already had a function call that we could adapt to that task once the
      options have been loaded.
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      test: Refuse metadata download under test. · 357b8f8a
      Michael Pyne authored
      This permits us to expand the build-environment test a bit farther
      (generating a workload object from modulesFromSelectors, which will pull
      down the KDE project metadata which has overrides for even pretend mode)
      And *this* brings us down to one TODO test from three.
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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      test: Ensure unexpectedly passing TODO tests are not marked TODO. · ad2064ee
      Michael Pyne authored
      There are some specific tests known to fail, called from a loop. For
      simplicity I had only used a single TODO handler in the loop but this
      had the effect of masking potential failures from tests which have
      always passed. Make the test suite a bit more strict by removing the
      TODO marker from these.
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