Commit 228d3e53 authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Don't enable choose CEverywhere menu item for two way

parent 3fb42e62
......@@ -3445,13 +3445,13 @@ void DirectoryMergeWindow::updateAvailabilities(bool bDirCompare, bool bDiffWind
bool bThreeDirs = d->isThreeWay();
d->m_pDirAutoChoiceEverywhere->setEnabled(bDirCompare && isVisible());
d->m_pDirDoNothingEverywhere->setEnabled(bDirCompare && isVisible());
d->m_pDirChooseAEverywhere->setEnabled(bDirCompare && isVisible());
d->m_pDirChooseBEverywhere->setEnabled(bDirCompare && isVisible());
d->m_pDirChooseCEverywhere->setEnabled(bDirCompare && isVisible());
d->m_pDirChooseCEverywhere->setEnabled(bDirCompare && isVisible() && bThreeDirs);
bool bThreeDirs = d->isThreeWay();
MergeFileInfos* pMFI = d->getMFI(currentIndex());
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