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Commit 245744b5 authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

fix memory leak in OptionDialog::setupRegionalPage - found by clang-tidy

 new Utf8BOMCodec() called but result never even assigned to a variable.
 removing offending code until I figure out how to tell qt about it.
 line Introduced as-is in cf77f4c3
parent fc7155fb
......@@ -554,7 +554,7 @@ OptionDialog::OptionDialog( bool bShowDirMergeSettings, QWidget *parent, char *n
setObjectName( name );
setModal( true );
//showButtonSeparator( true );01bc7c9af262353e7623bc02e5277fd59180183b
//showButtonSeparator( true );
//setHelp( "kdiff3/index.html", QString::null );
......@@ -642,6 +642,7 @@ void OptionDialog::setupFontPage( void )
OptionFontChooser* pAppFontChooser = new OptionFontChooser( defaultAppFont, "ApplicationFont", &m_options.m_appFont, page, this );
topLayout->addWidget( pAppFontChooser );
pAppFontChooser->setTitle(i18n("Application font"));
OptionFontChooser* pFontChooser = new OptionFontChooser( defaultFont, "Font", &m_options.m_font, page, this );
topLayout->addWidget( pFontChooser );
......@@ -1357,7 +1358,7 @@ static void insertCodecs(OptionComboBox* p)
p->insertItem(mi->second, i+1);
// UTF8-Codec that saves a BOM
// UTF8-Codec that saves a BOM
class Utf8BOMCodec : public QTextCodec
......@@ -1400,10 +1401,13 @@ public:
return ((PublicTextCodec*)m_pUtf8Codec)->publicConvertToUnicode( p, len, pState );
void OptionDialog::setupRegionalPage( void )
new Utf8BOMCodec();
TODO: What is this line supposed to do besides leak memmory? Intruduced as is in .91 no explaination
new Utf8BOMCodec();
QFrame* page = new QFrame();
KPageWidgetItem* pageItem = new KPageWidgetItem( page, i18n("Regional Settings") );
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