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Commit 2be46f08 authored by Yuri Chornoivan's avatar Yuri Chornoivan

Minor fixes

parent 52d67401
......@@ -869,13 +869,6 @@ For more information also see <link linkend="mergeoptions">Merge Settings</link>
<varlistentry><term><emphasis>Preserve Carriage Return:</emphasis></term><listitem><para> Some editors (on some systems) save
carriage return '\r' and linefeed '\n'-characters at the end of line, while
others will only save the linefeed '\n'. Usually &kdiff3; ignores the carriage
return, but then files that don't have equal sizes, look equal in side by
side comparison. When this option is on, then the carriage return characters
are made visible but are treated as white space. This option must be off
during a merge. Default is off.</para></listitem></varlistentry>
<varlistentry><term><emphasis>Ignore numbers:</emphasis></term><listitem><para> Default is off. Number characters ('0'-'9', '.', '-')
will be ignored in the first part of the analysis in which the line matching is
done. In the result the differences will be shown nevertheless, but they are treated
......@@ -1926,7 +1919,7 @@ and menu. Merging or directory-comparison are not supported then.
Some buttons and functions are missing. What's wrong?
You compiled from source but you probably didn't specify the correct prefix
for the installation. By default cmake wants to install in /usr/local but then the
for the installation. By default cmake wants to install in /usr/local but then
the user-interface resource file (i.e. kdiff3ui.rc) can't be found. The README-file contains
more information about the correct prefix.
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