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Commit 3d2eb091 authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Intialize modification time to QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch(0)

parent f5fd875d
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ void FileAccess::reset()
m_bWritable = false;
m_bHidden = false;
m_size = 0;
m_modificationTime = QDateTime();
m_modificationTime = QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch(0);
m_url = QUrl();
m_bValidData = false;
......@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ void FileAccess::setFromUdsEntry(const KIO::UDSEntry& e, FileAccess *parent)
m_bExists = m_fileInfo.exists();
//insure modification time is initialized if it wasn't already.
if(m_modificationTime == QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch(0))
m_modificationTime = m_fileInfo.lastModified();
m_bValidData = true;
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ class FileAccess
QSharedPointer<QFile> realFile = nullptr;
qint64 m_size;
QDateTime m_modificationTime;
QDateTime m_modificationTime = QDateTime::fromMSecsSinceEpoch(0);
bool m_bSymLink;
bool m_bFile;
bool m_bDir;
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