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Commit 439479cc authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves

Fix broken scrollbar

parent 930ae634
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -46,34 +46,34 @@ public:
QTextCodec* pCodec,
e_LineEndStyle eLineEndStyle,
const LineData* pLineData,
LineRef size,
int size,
const Diff3LineVector* pDiff3LineVector,
const ManualDiffHelpList* pManualDiffHelpList,
bool bTriple
void reset();
void convertToLinePos( int x, int y, LineRef& line, int& pos );
void convertToLinePos( int x, int y, int& line, int& pos );
QString getSelection();
int getFirstLine();
LineRef calcTopLineInFile( int firstLine );
int calcTopLineInFile( int firstLine );
int getMaxTextWidth();
int getNofLines();
int getNofVisibleLines();
int getVisibleTextAreaWidth();
LineRef convertLineToDiff3LineIdx( LineRef line );
LineRef convertDiff3LineIdxToLine( LineRef d3lIdx );
int convertLineToDiff3LineIdx( int line );
int convertDiff3LineIdxToLine( int d3lIdx );
void convertD3LCoordsToLineCoords( LineRef d3LIdx, int d3LPos, LineRef& line, int& pos );
void convertLineCoordsToD3LCoords( LineRef line, int pos, LineRef& d3LIdx, int& d3LPos );
void convertD3LCoordsToLineCoords( int d3LIdx, int d3LPos, int& line, int& pos );
void convertLineCoordsToD3LCoords( int line, int pos, int& d3LIdx, int& d3LPos );
void convertSelectionToD3LCoords();
bool findString( const QString& s, int& d3vLine, int& posInLine, bool bDirDown, bool bCaseSensitive );
void setSelection( LineRef firstLine, int startPos, LineRef lastLine, int endPos, LineRef& l, int& p );
void getSelectionRange( LineRef* firstLine, LineRef* lastLine, e_CoordType coordType );
void setSelection( int firstLine, int startPos, int lastLine, int endPos, int& l, int& p );
void getSelectionRange( int* firstLine, int* lastLine, e_CoordType coordType );
void setPaintingAllowed( bool bAllowPainting );
void recalcWordWrap( bool bWordWrap, int wrapLineVectorSize, int nofVisibleColumns);
......@@ -86,13 +86,13 @@ Q_SIGNALS:
void selectionEnd();
void setFastSelectorLine( int line );
void gotFocus();
void lineClicked( int winIdx, LineRef line );
void lineClicked( int winIdx, int line );
public Q_SLOTS:
void setFirstLine( LineRef line );
void setFirstLine( int line );
void setHorizScrollOffset( int horizScrollOffset );
void resetSelection();
void setFastSelectorRange( LineRef line1, LineRef nofLines );
void setFastSelectorRange( int line1, int nofLines );
void mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent * ) override;
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