Commit 6c12272f authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves
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*use one normal string for email addresses

parent b97bb7c8
......@@ -178,19 +178,19 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
const QString description = i18n("Tool for Comparison and Merge of Files and Directories");
const QString copyright = i18n("(c) 2002-2012 Joachim Eibl");
const QByteArray& homePage = "";
const QByteArray& bugsAddress = "joachim.eibl" "@" "";
const QByteArray& bugsAddress = "";
KAboutData aboutData( appName, i18nName,
appVersion, description, KAboutLicense::GPL_V2, copyright, description,
homePage, bugsAddress );
aboutData.addAuthor(i18n("Joachim Eibl"), QString(), QByteArray("joachim.eibl" "@" ""));
aboutData.addAuthor(i18n("Joachim Eibl"), QString(), QByteArray(""));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Eike Sauer"), i18n("Bugfixes, Debian package maintainer") );
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Sebastien Fricker"), i18n("Windows installer") );
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Stephan Binner"), i18n("i18n-help"), QByteArray("binner" "@" "") );
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Stephan Binner"), i18n("i18n-help"), QByteArray("") );
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Stefan Partheymueller"), i18n("Clipboard-patch" ));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("David Faure"), i18n("KIO-Help"), QByteArray("faure" "@" "" ));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("David Faure"), i18n("KIO-Help"), QByteArray("" ));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Bernd Gehrmann"), i18n("Class CvsIgnoreList from Cervisia" ));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Andre Woebbeking"), i18n("Class StringMatcher" ));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Michael Denio"), i18n("Directory Equality-Coloring patch"));
......@@ -199,8 +199,8 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Paul Eggert, Mike Haertel, David Hayes, Richard Stallman, Len Tower"), i18n("GNU-Diffutils"));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Tino Boellsterling, Timothy Mee"), i18n("Intensive test, use and feedback"));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Michael Schmidt"), i18n("Mac support"));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Valentin Rusu"), i18n("KDE4 porting"), QByteArray("kde" "@" ""));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Albert Astals Cid"), i18n("KDE4 porting"), QByteArray("aacid" "@" ""));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Valentin Rusu"), i18n("KDE4 porting"), QByteArray(""));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Albert Astals Cid"), i18n("KDE4 porting"), QByteArray(""));
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Silvan Scherrer"), i18n("OS2 port") );
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Nigel Stewart"), i18n("Cygwin support") );
aboutData.addCredit(i18n("Maurice van der Pot"), i18n("Framework for automated tests") );
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