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# the SUBDIRS is filled automatically by am_edit. If files are
# in this directory they are installed into the english dir
KDE_LANG = en da et it sv
KDE_DOCS = kdiff3
README for the Documentation
Author: Joachim Eibl, 2004-02-22
The following text contains some info about how the docs are created.
It helps me remember certain details. Most users probably aren't
interested in these things.
Each directory contains the documentation for a different translation.
The textual information is in the index.docbook of every subdirectory.
I wrote the English version in en/index.docbook. The other translations
were done by the KDE-Internationalization-Team. They are doing a great
The command meinproc (which is part of KDE) can be used to convert this
file into HTML.
meinproc index.docbook
During normal installation on KDE a compressed file is generated.
meinproc --check --cache index.cache.bz2 index.docbook
As a service for non-KDE-users the en-directory also contains the
HTML-version of the English documentation.
After running meinproc the HTML-files contain some references to files
in help:/common/ which contains stylesheets and KDE-graphics which make
the result look much prettier. Because on non-KDE-systems this is not
available, I placed a copy of these files in doc/en/common.
To correct the references, I run the following command, which removes
the "help:/"-part of the references, and only the "common/"-part remains.
for i in *.html; do sed -i "s/help:\///g" $i; done
(sed-option "-i" means in-place, "s/orig/repl/" is the replacement-command,
"g" replaces every occurance in the line, not only the first.)
The screenshots were made with the English KDE-version and therefore are
placed in the en-directory. But since for the other translations no new
screenshots were made yet, they only contain links to the English
screenshots. These links are created en-bloc with this command. (But
first you must cd into each subdirectory.)
for i in `ls ../en | grep png`; do ln -s ../en/$i $i; done
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