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......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ KDiff3-Readme for Windows
Author: Joachim Eibl (
Copyright: (C) 2002-2006 by Joachim Eibl
KDiff3-Version: 0.9.91
Copyright: (C) 2002-2007 by Joachim Eibl
KDiff3-Version: 0.9.92
KDiff3 is a program that
......@@ -18,11 +18,21 @@ Now KDiff3-strings are translated into some languages by the KDE-I18N-team.
See the Changelog.txt for a list of fixed bugs and new features.
Switching to Qt4
The current binary kdiff3.exe is Qt3 based. In the long run I will
switch to Qt4. For testing purposes a KDiff3-Qt4.exe binary is
included in the installation also. It has the big advantage that no
console windows will open for external commands like the preprocessors.
Please report bugs for the Qt4-based version too.
Windows-specific information for the precompiled KDiff3 version:
This executable is provided for the convenience of users who don't have a
VC6-compiler at hand.
compiler at hand.
You may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE.
......@@ -33,7 +43,8 @@ Installation:
It is based on the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (
- You can place the directory where you want it. But don't separate the file
kdiff3.exe from the others, since they are needed for correct execution.
kdiff3.exe from the others, since they are needed for correct execution.
(Using kdiff3.exe standalone is possible except for translations and help.)
- Integration with WinCVS: When selected the installer sets KDiff3 to be the
default diff-tool for WinCVS if available.
......@@ -57,9 +68,18 @@ Installation:
- SVN Merge Tool: Allows to use KDiff3 for explicit graphical merges with Subversion.
This installation option copies a file diff3_cmd.bat into your Application Data subdirectory.
(C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Subversion\config\diff3_cmd.bat)
(C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Subversion\diff3_cmd.bat)
(Installation is disabled by default)
- Integration with Rational ClearCase from IBM: Allows to use KDiff3 as comparison
and merge tool for text files under Clearcase. KDiff3 tries to locate the "map"-file
(e.g.: C:\Program Files\Rational\Clearcase\lib\mgrs\map) which tells clearcase
which tool to use for which filetype and operation. KDiff3 stores a backup in
map.preKDiff3Install (if is doesn't exist yet) and modifies the map file so that
KDiff3 is used for text files. On KDiff3-uninstallation the entries containing
"KDiff3" are restored. The map-file is normal text, so you can also adjust it
yourself. (Installation for ClearCase is disabled by default)
Since this program was actually developed for GNU/Linux, there might be Windows
specific problems I don't know of yet. Please write me about problems you encounter.
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
;Apdapted for KDiff3 by Sebastien Fricker and Joachim Eibl
;Requires nsis_v2.19
!define KDIFF3_VERSION "0.9.91"
!define KDIFF3_VERSION "0.9.92"
!define DIFF_EXT_CLSID "{9F8528E4-AB20-456E-84E5-3CE69D8720F3}"
......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@
;Get installation folder from registry if available
InstallDirRegKey HKCU "Software\KDiff3" ""
!addplugindir ".\nsisplugins"
......@@ -66,7 +68,7 @@
!define MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN KDiff3.exe
!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_FINISH
......@@ -222,6 +224,9 @@ SectionIn RO
DetailPrint "Writing files"
File "kdiff3.exe"
File "kdiff3-QT4.exe"
File "QtGui4.dll"
File "QtCore4.dll"
File "COPYING.txt"
File "Readme_Win.txt"
File "ChangeLog.txt"
......@@ -238,6 +243,7 @@ SectionIn RO
;Create shortcuts
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\$STARTMENU_FOLDER\KDiff3.lnk" "$INSTDIR\kdiff3.exe"
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\$STARTMENU_FOLDER\KDiff3-Qt4.lnk" "$INSTDIR\kdiff3-QT4.exe"
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\$STARTMENU_FOLDER\Readme.lnk" "$INSTDIR\Readme_Win.txt"
CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\$STARTMENU_FOLDER\Uninstall.lnk" "$INSTDIR\Uninstall.exe"
......@@ -309,9 +315,19 @@ SectionEnd
Section /o "SVN Merge tool" SecIntegrationSubversionDiff3Cmd
DetailPrint "Integrate diff3_cmd.bat for Subversion"
File "diff3_cmd.bat"
CreateDirectory '$APPDATA\Subversion\config'
CopyFiles '$INSTDIR\diff3_cmd.bat' '$APPDATA\Subversion\config'
CreateDirectory '$APPDATA\Subversion'
CopyFiles '$INSTDIR\diff3_cmd.bat' '$APPDATA\Subversion'
Section /o "ClearCase" SecIntegrationClearCase
DetailPrint "Integrate with Rational ClearCase from IBM"
ccInstallHelper::nsisPlugin "install" "$INSTDIR\kdiff3.exe"
;File "ccInstHelper.exe"
;ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\ccInstHelper.exe" install "$INSTDIR\kdiff3.exe"'
......@@ -347,6 +363,7 @@ FunctionEnd
!insertmacro MUI_DESCRIPTION_TEXT ${SecIntegrationWinCVS} "Integrate KDiff3 with WinCVS. (Please close WinCVS before proceeding.)"
!insertmacro MUI_DESCRIPTION_TEXT ${SecIntegrationTortoiseSVN} "Integrate KDiff3 with TortoiseSVN."
!insertmacro MUI_DESCRIPTION_TEXT ${SecIntegrationSubversionDiff3Cmd} "Install diff3_cmd.bat for Subversion merge"
!insertmacro MUI_DESCRIPTION_TEXT ${SecIntegrationClearCase} "Integrate KDiff3 with Rational Clearcase from IBM"
......@@ -363,10 +380,14 @@ Section "Uninstall"
Delete "$INSTDIR\Uninstall.exe"
Delete "$INSTDIR\kdiff3.exe"
Delete "$INSTDIR\kdiff3-QT4.exe"
Delete "$INSTDIR\QtGui4.dll"
Delete "$INSTDIR\QtCore4.dll"
Delete "$INSTDIR\Readme_Win.txt"
Delete "$INSTDIR\ChangeLog.txt"
Delete "$INSTDIR\diff_ext_for_kdiff3.dll"
Delete "$INSTDIR\diff_ext_for_kdiff3_old.dll"
RMDir /r "$INSTDIR\doc"
......@@ -377,6 +398,7 @@ Section "Uninstall"
Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\$MUI_TEMP\Uninstall.lnk"
Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\$MUI_TEMP\KDiff3.lnk"
Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\$MUI_TEMP\KDiff3-Qt4.lnk"
Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\$MUI_TEMP\Readme.lnk"
Delete "$SMPROGRAMS\$MUI_TEMP\Diff-Ext License.lnk"
......@@ -409,6 +431,11 @@ Section "Uninstall"
DeleteRegKey SHCTX "Software\Classes\Directory\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\diff-ext-for-kdiff3"
DeleteRegValue SHCTX "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved" "${DIFF_EXT_CLSID}"
; clearcase
ccInstallHelper::nsisPlugin "uninstall" "$INSTDIR\kdiff3.exe"
;ExecWait '"$INSTDIR\ccInstHelper.exe" uninstall "$INSTDIR\kdiff3.exe"'
;Delete "$INSTDIR\ccInstHelper.exe"
......@@ -418,4 +445,4 @@ Function un.onInit
\ No newline at end of file
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