Commit 95ac4b64 authored by Joachim Eibl's avatar Joachim Eibl
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Use Qt4-lconvert instead of Qt3-msg2qm

git-svn-id: c8aa9fed-2811-0410-8543-893ada326672
parent 7ceccfff
......@@ -19,15 +19,17 @@
# create_qm_files:
# Create translation files needed by qt-only version.
# Requirements: qt3-devel-tools
# Requirements: lconvert from qt4 (Thanks to Richard Hoyle for that tip)
# (previously: msg2qm from qt3-devel-tools)
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
echo "Create qm files (KDiff3 translation files for the qt-only version)"
if [ "$1" = "local" ]; then
for i in `ls` ; do
if [ -s $i/kdiff3.po ]; then
# (msg2qm is from "qt3-devel-tools"-package.)
echo Creating ./kdiff3_$i.qm
/usr/lib/qt3/bin/msg2qm $i/kdiff3.po kdiff3_$i.qm
#/usr/lib/qt3/bin/msg2qm $i/kdiff3.po kdiff3_$i.qm
lconvert -if po -of qm -o kdiff3_$i.qm $i/kdiff3.po
elif [ "$1" = "install" ]; then
......@@ -35,7 +37,8 @@ elif [ "$1" = "install" ]; then
if [ -s $i/kdiff3.po ]; then
# (msg2qm is from "qt3-devel-tools"-package.)
echo Installing /usr/share/locale/$i/LC_MESSAGES/kdiff3.qm
sudo /usr/lib/qt3/bin/msg2qm $i/kdiff3.po /usr/share/locale/$i/LC_MESSAGES/kdiff3.qm
#sudo /usr/lib/qt3/bin/msg2qm $i/kdiff3.po /usr/share/locale/$i/LC_MESSAGES/kdiff3.qm
sudo lconvert -if po -of qm -o /usr/share/locale/$i/LC_MESSAGES/kdiff3.qm $i/kdiff3.po
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
# and update all files for translations
# Requirements: wget, gettext-tools, qt3-devel-tools
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
# extract extra strings
xgettext --keyword=i18n --keyword=I18N_NOOP -C ../src-QT4/kreplacements/kreplacements.cpp -o kreplacements.pot
sed -i /add_subdirectory/d CMakeLists.txt
......@@ -54,7 +55,10 @@ for i in `cat subdirs` ; do
msgmerge --no-fuzzy-matching kdelibs_$i.po kreplacements.pot >kreplacements_$i.po
msgcat --use-first $i.po kreplacements_$i.po >kdiff3_$i.po
# (msg2qm is from "qt3-devel-tools"-package.)
/usr/lib/qt3/bin/msg2qm kdiff3_$i.po kdiff3_$i.qm
#/usr/lib/qt3/bin/msg2qm kdiff3_$i.po kdiff3_$i.qm
# lconvert is from qt4 (libqt4-devel)
lconvert -if po -of qm -o kdiff3_$i.qm kdiff3_$i.po
rm kdelibs_$i.po kdiff3_$i.po kreplacements_$i.po
echo add_subdirectory\($i\) >>CMakeLists.txt
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