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Mentioned Nigel Stewarts contributions

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Version 0.9.97 - 2012-08-05
Version 0.9.97 - 2012-08-10
- Memory usage optimized for comparison of large directories. (ca. 1/5 needed)
- On Windows use config file .kdiff3rc next to kdiff3.exe if exists.
......@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ Version 0.9.97 - 2012-08-05
- Fixed mouse wheel problem. (Patch by David Hay)
- Change an encoding in diff text window via click on encoding label. (Patch by Alexey Kostromin)
- Fix for tab-key moving focus instead of adding a tab character in MergeResultWindow.
- Workaround for git on Cygwin that allows KDiff3 to find files in a Cygwin "/tmp" directory
when environment variable "CYGWIN_BIN" is set. (Patch by Nigel Stewart)
- Removed iostream dependency (Patch by Nigel Stewart)
- Regression test framework (by Maurice van der Pot)
- Documentation patch (by Burkard Lueck)
- Select text in Find dialog (by Eike Sauer)
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