Commit c24e3a7b authored by Michael Reeves's avatar Michael Reeves
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clean up comments

parent 41cf197c
......@@ -52,7 +52,6 @@ static KAboutData createAboutData()
KDiff3Part::KDiff3Part( QWidget *parentWidget, const char *widgetName,
QObject *parent )
......@@ -274,22 +273,6 @@ bool KDiff3Part::saveFile()
return false; // Not implemented
//TODO: Replace with KF4 Macros. This is KDE2 stuff here.
// It's usually safe to leave the factory code alone.. with the
// notable exception of the K4AboutData data
#if 0
KComponentData* KDiff3PartFactory::instance()
if( !s_instance )
s_about = new K4AboutData(QByteArray("kdiff3part"), QByteArray("kdiff3part"), ki18n("KDiff3Part"), QByteArray(VERSION));
s_about->addAuthor(ki18n("Joachim Eibl"), KLocalizedString(), QByteArray("joachim.eibl at"));
s_instance = new KComponentData(s_about);
return s_instance;
// Suppress warning with --enable-final
#undef VERSION
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