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Update Change Log.

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Version 1.8.2 - 2020-03-29
Bug 411472 Allowing editing of blank lines and don't mark newly intserted lines as a confilict
2ba20222 - Remove broken attempt to optimize drawing on horizonal scroll.
Bug 418813 - Fix line numbers not shown. Use QString::number directly not through a format string.
11e93232 - Correcly support "Print Current Page"
64804a64 - Don't attempt to free nullptr in SourceData::FileData::reset()
f4c66ace - Make Preferance dialog panes scrollable if too large to fit on screen.
de06e561 - Fix dialog filter on windows.
e8d06774 - Switch to QElapsedTime for timing avoids explictly undefined behavior inside qt if time is changed.
05e2d6fb - Fix sync mode.
f9bd88a1 - Make matching in CvsIngnoreList always honor bCaseSensitive setting.
418ea78c - Don't use temporary with QLatin1String constructor strange things will happen.
b058c060 - ignore over size cvsignore files
Bug 410962 - Fix '-L' parameter handling
b4b2c970 - Restore acciedently deleted --auto option
Bug 411602 - Fixing missing menu items also resolves a potiential crash in MergeResultWindow::slotUpdateAvailabilities (Bug 407745).
d4239b92 - Prevent intermient crash during reload/refresh
Bug 410008 - Show diff for empty/missing files.
3bb755c5 - Don't give false error when comparing empty folders
Bug 408991 - 4ad69790,0737cc3e,0402f84a - Close files when not in use - Fixes "Too many open files" bug.
Bug 407829 - Avoid crash when recieving mouse or key events during earily startup.
cc6d76e3 - Don't try to manually build url if parent is not set.
85052379 - Fix crash when canceling by using only one event loop in ProgressDialog.
d151f151 - Don't append to already complete url.
d3cb2def - Fix manual url building in FileAccess::setFromUdsEntry - scheme should not change now.
Bug 405918 - Fix craft install instructions for windows
Bug 411586 - Fix crash in OptionDialog::slotApply()
Bug 407745 - Fix crash in MergeResultWindow::slotUpdateAvailabilities
Bug 407894,399070 - Fixed redraw for horizonal scrolling.
Version 1.8 - 2019-03-22
-Don't enable "Choose C for Everthing" on two way merge.
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