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Commit e4ee65f6 authored by Joachim Eibl's avatar Joachim Eibl

Fix for 32 bit installations

git-svn-id: c8aa9fed-2811-0410-8543-893ada326672
parent 4b733655
......@@ -7,7 +7,11 @@ REM automatic merge. Well, you need a batch file actually (based on
REM Configure your favorite diff3/merge program here.
SET DIFF3="C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe"
if exist "C:\Program Files\KDiff3" (
SET DIFF3="C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe"
) else (
SET DIFF3="C:\Program Files (x86)\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe"
REM Subversion provides the paths we need as the ninth, tenth, and eleventh
REM parameters. But we only have access to nine parameters at a time, so we
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