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Write format enum to kconfig in the same way we read it

That is, as an int. The old code just by chance compiles with Qt 5 (but
not anymore with Qt 6), but would not result in the same values being
read back again.
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......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ void DiffSettings::saveSettings(KConfig* config)
KConfigGroup group(config, "Diff Options");
group.writeEntry("DiffProgram", m_diffProgram);
group.writeEntry("LinesOfContext", m_linesOfContext);
group.writeEntry("Format", QString(m_format));
group.writeEntry("Format", (int)m_format);
group.writeEntry("LargeFiles", m_largeFiles);
group.writeEntry("IgnoreWhiteSpace", m_ignoreWhiteSpace);
group.writeEntry("IgnoreAllWhiteSpace", m_ignoreAllWhiteSpace);
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