Commit ccdff871 authored by Łukasz Wojniłowicz's avatar Łukasz Wojniłowicz
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Report full length for translational units

When "real source length" > "word wrap" then "displayed source length"
<= "word wrap". That leads to reporting false lengths when translation
unit is long, eg. multi line.

This fixes the case in that way, that displayed source length is not
affected by word wrap.
parent d0f4f530
......@@ -242,9 +242,9 @@ QVariant CatalogTreeModel::data(const QModelIndex& index, int role) const
case CatalogModelColumns::Files:
return m_catalog->sourceFiles(index.row()).join('|');
case CatalogModelColumns::SourceLength:
return m_catalog->msgidWithPlurals(index.row(), true).length();
return m_catalog->msgidWithPlurals(index.row(), false).length();
case CatalogModelColumns::TargetLength:
return m_catalog->msgstrWithPlurals(index.row(), true).length();
return m_catalog->msgstrWithPlurals(index.row(), false).length();
return {};
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