Implement "Delete until end of line" action and bind it to Ctrl-k

Open Kisaragi Hiu requested to merge moonlight/lokalize:delete-till-eol into master

This action deletes until the end of line like Ctrl-k in, say, the System Settings search field. It does not care about current selections and is just for a slight speedup compared to Shift-End Delete, and, more accurately, for consistency with other Qt applications like Dolphin or System Settings.

Ctrl-k was previously taken up by "Insert term translation #2 (closed)". As Ctrl-, and Ctrl-. are still not taken, shift #2 onward to Ctrl-p, Ctrl-n and so on, then use Ctrl-, for #9 and Ctrl-. for #10.

(#10 previously had a broken default binding.)

BUG: 232652

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