Commit 3d884038 authored by Oliver Kellogg's avatar Oliver Kellogg
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- In function selectedMessageWidgets loop of QGraphicsItem* over items,
  if dynamic_cast<MessageWidget*>(item) returns null then print debug
  message "item is not a MessageWidget".
parent 8bd36e23
......@@ -1429,8 +1429,15 @@ UMLWidgetList UMLScene::selectedMessageWidgets() const
UMLWidgetList widgets;
foreach(QGraphicsItem *item, items) {
MessageWidget *w = dynamic_cast<MessageWidget*>(item);
if (w)
if (w) {
} else {
WidgetBase *wb = dynamic_cast<WidgetBase*>(item);
QString name;
if (wb)
name = wb->name();
DEBUG(DBG_SRC) << name << " is not a MessageWidget";
return widgets;
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