Commit 8344d5f4 authored by Oliver Kellogg's avatar Oliver Kellogg
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umbrello/petaltree2uml.cpp function umbrellify(PetalNode*, UMLPackage*)

- At handling of (objType == "ClassDiagram" || objType == "UseCaseDiagram"),
  choose Uml::DiagramType and umlDoc->rootFolder() according to objType.
- At the code past the (parentPkg_sav != NULL) return,
  - Remove call to importLogicalView(); the code farther above in effect
    performs importLogicalView() but at the same time deals with controlled
    units. Perhaps should be refactored for clean separation of these tasks.
  - Move call to importLogicalPresentations(root, "root_usecase_package") to
    the "import Use Case View" section.
parent e2963934
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
// app includes
#include "debug_utils.h"
#include "petalnode.h"
#include "model_utils.h"
#include "import_utils.h"
#include "import_rose.h"
#include "package.h"
......@@ -574,9 +575,11 @@ bool umbrellify(PetalNode *node, UMLPackage *parentPkg = NULL)
} else if (objType == "ClassDiagram" || objType == "UseCaseDiagram") {
Uml::DiagramType::Enum dt = (objType == "UseCaseDiagram" ? Uml::DiagramType::UseCase
: Uml::DiagramType::Class);
UMLDoc *umlDoc = UMLApp::app()->document();
UMLFolder *logicalView = umlDoc->rootFolder(Uml::ModelType::Logical);
UMLView *view = umlDoc->createDiagram(logicalView, Uml::DiagramType::Class, name, id);
UMLFolder *rootFolder = umlDoc->rootFolder(Model_Utils::convert_DT_MT(dt));
UMLView *view = umlDoc->createDiagram(rootFolder, dt, name, id);
PetalNode *items = node->findAttribute("items").node;
PetalNode::NameValueList atts = items->attributes();
qreal width = 0.0;
......@@ -881,15 +884,17 @@ bool petalTree2Uml(PetalNode *root, UMLPackage *parentPkg /* = 0 */)
// Shorthand for UMLApp::app()->listView()
UMLListView *lv = UMLApp::app()->listView();
/* The code above in effect performs importLogicalView()
but at the same time deals with controlled units.
Perhaps these two tasks should be separated more cleanly.
importLogicalView(root, "root_category", "logical_models");
importLogicalPresentations(root, "root_category");
importLogicalPresentations(root, "root_usecase_package");
//*************************** import Use Case View ********************************
importView(root, "root_usecase_package", "logical_models", lv->theUseCaseView());
importLogicalPresentations(root, "root_usecase_package");
//*************************** import Component View *******************************
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