Commit a3f5aee4 authored by Joris Steyn's avatar Joris Steyn
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Remove duplicate rename/delete menu entries

CCBUG: 85807
parent 5dc8ee09
...@@ -1463,8 +1463,6 @@ void ListPopupMenu::setupMenu(MenuType type) ...@@ -1463,8 +1463,6 @@ void ListPopupMenu::setupMenu(MenuType type)
case mt_EntityRelationship_Diagram: case mt_EntityRelationship_Diagram:
insertStdItems(false); insertStdItems(false);
insert(mt_Clone); insert(mt_Clone);
insert(mt_Export_Image); insert(mt_Export_Image);
insert(mt_Properties); insert(mt_Properties);
break; break;
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