Commit a9da77a5 authored by Lays Rodrigues's avatar Lays Rodrigues 😀

Fix Unit Test

Because of the alteration of the list, and the static
test that this class do, the test of cppDefaultDataTypes
wasn't working.
Signed-off-by: Lays Rodrigues's avatarLays Rodrigues <>
parent 3a45009e
......@@ -80,9 +80,9 @@ void TEST_cppwriter::test_defaultDatatypes()
CppWriter* cpp = new CppWriter();
QStringList list = cpp->defaultDatatypes();
QCOMPARE(list.empty(), false);
QCOMPARE(list[0], QLatin1String("int"));
QCOMPARE(list[5], QLatin1String("short"));
QCOMPARE(list.last(), QLatin1String("string"));
QCOMPARE(list[1], QLatin1String("int"));
QCOMPARE(list[10], QLatin1String("short int"));
QCOMPARE(list[5], QLatin1String("string"));
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